CD review: Carolina Crushers' One Eye Open - CL Charlotte

posted on 05 Aug 2015 19:56 by habitualrecepta21
It's a sound listen that might work effectively live, however, if it's a one-off aspect project, I wouldn't complain either.

One Eye Open, the actual debut album through Carolina Crushers, is easy throughout its approach, but stout throughout its presentation. It's Childers backed by a rock band -- producer and also guitarist Leroy Lewis (The Dopes, the Losers), guitarist Don Eidman along with drummer Tom Root -- giving his vocal tone the distinct forum. The Particular guitar gets a bit overdone around the opening track, "Trouble," but its Childers' voice in which props up song with every other more than what are an individual doing behind him.

Local singer-songwriter David Childers has done plenty over time to obtain himself permanently ensconced inside the Charlotte-area music scene -- not only as getting a player, however as the possible influence. from his moment with most the Modern Don Juans in order to his solo releases to his gospel-inspired Serpents in the Reformation, Childers offers showcased a breadth regarding ability beyond the borders associated with genre labels. "Smoking 45" infuses the little country type to the rhythm and lyrics as Childers sings of an altercation which leads the peaceful man to attract his gun. The idea ought to consequently be no surprise which his most recent project requires a stroll along the path regarding '70s-inspired rock.

A protect in the Screaming Trees' "Bed involving Roses" follows, ahead regarding the band will get back on course using its originals.

Is it Childers' finest work? Not Really even close, but it is great to listen to his expertise flexed in the rock arena to obtain a change. He's certainly not on your current own throughout his vocal range about the album, however, as fellow North Carolina stalwart Malcolm Holcombe pairs up nicely in "The Truth."